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Imposter syndrome is real, many of us feel it. It's not unique to where you are in your career. Juniors to seniors all feel it.

Not everyone has a mentor that can guide them throughout their career. They come and go. And managers aren't always acting in your best interest or are able to help in that way.

So what makes a great engineer? Someone who writes the fastest code? The cleanest code? Do you need to know AWS, advanced algorithms, and machine learning? Not really.

In this book we first separate the terms programmer and engineer. And then we explain what it takes to start as a programmer and work towards being an engineer. A great engineer.

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About The Author

Hi I'm Dave, most of my friends call me Oofki. I've been in the Boston startup scene for 15+ years. I started out struggling, like everyone else to find a job and fought my way to the top. I share more of my story in the book, but I'm looking to help others like me.

I've been fortunate to have a couple of really great mentors, some I still talk with today. But I understand not everyone does. There are a lot of dead end jobs and unsupportive environments. I want everyone to be able to break out of those situations. After you have or if you skipped that step, my final goal is to help you become a top-notch engineer. Good luck out there!

Feel free to reach out to me on social media. I'm always happy to help. You can find me on Twitter or Instagram